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Amaranth: The Preterhumans Book 1

Bell has a long career ahead of her. Amaranth is excellent!
– Denise Greco, Independent Reviewer

…The thought of actual demons being professors and witches who don’t look like stereotypical witches but could be your next-door neighbor, is quite fun and presented in a realistic way. The book is good to read for anyone who doesn’t have English as their native language, and is quite action-packed…
– Shelfari review

…Characters were well thought out, and the best part about it was that they were real to me. I could actually think of them as real people, which I like, because it makes the reading all that more enjoyable…
– review

Katherine Bell chronicles the marvelous, magical, mysterious adventures of Lizzy Drake in this fast-paced modern urban fantasy. The other reviews do a very good job describing the plot. I’m looking forward to reading Verdant, the sequel to this novel.
– review